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Indescribable (Passion Talk Series, USA, 2008)

$10, 43 minutes

More information, clips, and how to buy: http://268store.com/store/product/223/Indescribable/

Presenter information: http://www.268generation.com

Another very popular live video of a talk by Louis Giglio on tour with musician Chris Tomlin, and based on the popular Christian worship song ‘Indescribable’. Giglio describes the size of the universe using images of stars from the Hubble telescope as visual aids. He does a great job of explaining the science, using it to remind the audience of how big our creator God is and how small we are in comparison. In the final part he talks about the cross, where Jesus the ‘word’ who created everything died for us. Again, the use of the ‘cross’ in an image beamed back from the Hubble telescope feels a bit contrived and is proving unhelpful in that people are taking this as ‘evidence’ for God rather than something that is meaningful to Louis Giglio personally as a sign of God’s grace, much as rainbows might be to other people, which is I think how he intends it to be taken. But Giglio’s use of scientific data as a way to share his own feelings of wonder, awe and worship will inspire many.

Difficulty: Easy