Test of FAITH
Resources for Churches from The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion

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How do science and faith relate? The culture around us promotes the idea that the two are incompatible. Young people need the opportunity to grapple with science-faith issues in an open and helpful way. This 3-8 week course helps students and parents delve into the issues raised by science and faith, exploring questions of worldview and apologetics. Designed for use with the Test of FAITH documentary, the course aims to equip US-based homeschooled high school (and advanced junior high) students to think clearly and biblically about science and faith.


  • Study notes, key concepts and vocabulary, exercises to complete, and extension essay questions

  • Ready-to-use lessons (no lesson preparation required)

  • Emphasis on personal engagement and reflection

  • General introduction to the philosophy of science and religion

  • Opportunity for more in-depth exploration of current issues

  • Families can adjust the course to fit their schedules


  • The relationship between science and faith

  • The universe and the Big Bang

  • Creation and evolution

  • Suffering

  • The environment

  • The brain, freewill and determinism

  • Ethics


Very useful and absolutely worthwhile.


Praise for the DVD:

Terrific production values, impeccably qualified experts, clear-eyed focus on the most important questions… an invaluable resource for thinking about science and faith.

Andy Crouch
Senior Editor,
Christianity Today International

Praise for the DVD:

I have not seen anything as good as the Test of FAITH materials in encouraging and equipping us [to maintain and defend our faith].

Dr. Terry Morrison
Director Emeritus,
Faculty Ministry,
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship