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Symphony: I Lift my Hands

cover imageLouis Giglio, Passion Talk Series, $10/£12.99, 52 minutes

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This is the latest offering from Louis Giglio, and is very much in the same vein as his previous talks: passionate, lively and humorous. Giglio’s enthusiasm for astronomy is again very much to the fore, and he spends the first half (or so) of the DVD talking about Psalm 148 and the way in which creation praises God. We are not the centre of the universe - God is - and creation’s praise of him was happening way before we were on the scene. His now famous (on YouTube) mashup of pulsar ‘music’, whale song and praise music features, and he goes on to speak about how God has demonstrated his love for us. The final part of the talk is on desperate hope, and his experience of reaching out to God during a time of extreme stress. Questions for discussion are included with the DVD.

This would be good viewing for a youth or student group - to encourage them that science, for a Christian, is part of worship.

Difficulty: Easy