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Everything is Spiritual (Zondervan, USA, 2007)

$19.99, 77 minutes

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This is a live video of a talk by pastor, author and presenter of the ‘Nooma’ films Rob Bell on the ‘Everything is Spiritual’ tour. As he talks, Bell draws visual aids on a giant whiteboard. The talk is about Genesis, and the amazing things we can find out using science. He uses a scientific illustration to explore how we might encounter God, and develops the idea that ‘Everything is spiritual’ in a way that should speak to people of any faith or none. Bell draws on some of the themes that he is well known for, such as creativity and the need for a less frenetic pace in life. His style is very engaging and relaxed. It’s well produced, and surprisingly attention grabbing given the simple format. It is definitely suitable for adults from all walks of life, and might even hold the attention of a youth group for a while.


Difficulty: Intermediate