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Real Science Real Faith

‘This book will challenge those who believe there is an inevitable gulf between scientists and religion; it will raise questions for Christians who think there are easy answers; and it will turn the head of many a professional scientist for whom religion has been out of bounds.’

- The Rt Revd Michael Turnbull, Bishop of Durham

‘The ultimate problem all of us have to face relates to the activity of God in the world,’ observes Professor R.J. Berry. ‘A God who has no control over events, who cannot answer prayer or affect our lives, is hardly worth believing in… But the message that comes over loud and clear from all sixteen scientists is that our faith is not “useless”, that God has intervened in the world he has made, and that “in him all things hold together…”

‘The result is not a textbook of apologetics, but all the classical science-faith problems are touched on – miracles, determinacy, “natural laws”, answered prayer, healing… a faith without reason is a stultifying as reason without faith.’


Difficulty: Intermediate

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