Test of FAITH
Resources for Churches from The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion

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The Book

  • This fascinating volume of essays by prominent scientists who are Christians deserves wide circulation. Here are scientists trying to think clearly, humbly, and wisely about the Christian faith. Intuitively one feels that prolonged discussion with these essayists would be a great pleasure, whether or not one always reached consensus. Any thoughtful Christian will delight in the way the grace of God reaches men and women in the scientific disciplines, as in all other domains.
    Professor D. A. Carson, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Illinois, USA
  • These short, readable accounts by ten scientists are a pleasure to read and an inspiration to anyone who seeks to integrate Christian belief and science. Each one is a specialist in a different scientific discipline, and they tell very different life stories, yet they all affirm the Christian privilege of scientific discovery and understanding.
    Professor Keith Fox, School of Biological Sciences, University of Southampton and Chair of Christians in Science, UK
  • The level of human insight matching scientific expertise in these chapters is high, and they have left me feeling that here are folk with whom, as a mere theologian, I would love to spend some time. I hope other readers will enjoy this set of testimonies as much as I have done.
    Professor J. I. Packer, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada
  • Just the book to give to anyone who thinks science disproves religion. Powerful testimonies from ten distinguished scientists reveal why their faith in God enhances their research. A very worthwhile read!
    Professor Gordon Wenham, Trinity College, Bristol, UK

The Film

  • Loaded with insightful statements from numerous leading Christian scientists, the three short programs are great conversation starters for churches and colleges.
    Dr Edward B. Davis, Professor of the History of Science, Messiah College, USA
  • The Test of Faith documentary film shows that not only can science and the Christian faith co-exist, but together, in a synergistic fashion, they lead to a deeper understanding of reality. The film is superbly produced. I highly recommend it.
    Dr Darrel R. Falk, President, The BioLogos Foundation, USA
  • A fine, balanced presentation by thoughtful scientists on why there is no genuine conflict between their work and their religious faith, and why indeed they find that science strengthens and enhances their sense of God's power and glory.
    Professor Michael Ruse, Department of Philosophy, Florida State University, USA
  • Conversations about the intersection of faith and science should be normative for Christians who are serious about what God has revealed both in nature and in scripture. Test of FAITH provided a gracious and helpful way for my congregation to enter into that important conversation. I was amazed at how many took time out of their busy schedule to attend the film event and how positively it was received.
    Revd. Dr Rod Stafford, Senior Pastor, Fairfax Community Church

The Course

  • [I thought] that Christians would inevitably be seen as naïve by serious scientists. I found it hugely encouraging to see Christian scientists who are passionate about their faith.
    Course participant
  • I feel more confident now with questions and exploration in science and faith.
    Course participant
  • ...a great starter to some of the big issues.
    Course participant
  • A well-produced resource about the interface between science and Christianity which opens up complex issues in accessible ways. It will challenge assumptions and provoke questions, but will also dispel some current popular 'myths'. Highly recommended for those who want to better understand science-faith matters and their implications for ethical issues such as the environment and cloning.
    Antony Billington, The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, UK
  • The main thing to say is that the course, and particularly the DVD, are excellent. There was unanimous enthusiasm for the quality of the presentation, both in video and graphic terms, as well as the quality of the content. It is 'cringe free', which is not true of all material in this area. Speaking personally, but I think the thought would be warmly endorsed by everyone, it is hugely encouraging and helpful to hear people who are first-rate scientists relating their work to their faith in an honest and positive manner. That itself is a very helpful defence against the negative view to which we are often exposed in other places. I think the material also has enormous potential as the basis of a discussion group with both Christians and non-Christians.
    Professor Adrian Bowman, Department of Statistics, University of Glasgow, UK
  • Provides a plethora of discussion angles, especially for classroom and small group settings, on a range of science-faith topics that sorely need open, less contentious Christian dialog.
    Dr Daniel L. Burden, Associate Professor, Chemistry Department, Wheaton College, USA
  • Careful reflection on how faith and science each contribute to our understanding of the world around us and of our place within it is of great value for people of faith. I am very pleased that the Faraday Institute has been able to help churches and individual Christians in this task by developing this fascinating resource.
    Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury
  • The relationship between science and Christian faith is one of the most critical questions for the church, the academy, and the culture at large. Test of Faith provides a rare and extraordinary opportunity to explore this challenging issue with some of the world's leading scientists.
    Dan Cho, Executive Director, The Veritas Forum
  • With terrific production values, impeccably qualified experts, and a clear-eyed focus on the most important questions, this is an invaluable resource for thinking about science and faith.
    Andy Crouch, Senior Editor, Christianity Today International
  • Test of Faith provides a rare and valuable glimpse into the lives and thought of Christians who are also cutting-edge scientists, and explodes the myth that science and faith need be enemies. The videos are captivating, the accompanying book's personal stories are riveting, and a wealth of materials makes the curriculum outstanding. Highly recommended!
    Professor Jeff Hardin, Chair, Department of Zoology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
  • Test of Faith is a 'must' for any serious student of the interdependence of real science and real Christian faith. It is a pithy compilation of the critical issues in this important missional area by some of the world's leading authorities in the field on both sides of the Atlantic, presented in an accessible and professional manner. An excellent discussion tool for small groups.
    Dr W. Ross Hastings, Associate Professor, Mission Studies, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada
  • Test of Faith does a great job of putting the issues of Science and Faith on the table in a way that opens the door to further discussion. Notable Christians who work in the areas of science demonstrate that their faith is not compromised by science, or that science is hostile to faith on its own. Test of Faith covers areas of controversy in a manner that engages thoughtful discussion and helps the viewer obtain a better picture of the issues. Test of Faith goes a long way to bring those of faith, agnostic, or atheist to the important issues of origins and what it means to be human.
    Dr Thomas S. Heard, Biochemist, USA
  • The featured scientists and theologians in Test of Faith provide a clear and understandable account of how scientific understanding complements and supports our Christian faith.
    Dr Randall D. Isaac, Executive Director, American Scientific Affiliation
  • A wonderful resource for churches. It brilliantly demonstrates that science and Christianity are not enemies but perfectly compatible. I commend it wholeheartedly!
    Dr Krish Kandiah, The Evangelical Alliance, UK
  • Test of FAITH is a very good, thought-provoking course which will enable people to get to grips with key issues of science and faith and grow in their understanding of both as a result.
    Dr Ernest Lucas, Bristol Baptist College, UK
  • I thought the documentary was really engaging and was pitched at a good level, to allow for people who have little knowledge of science as well as people who are more scientifically literate. I thought the discursive approach was good. It felt that there was room for people to have different opinions and I think it will foster open discussions, which is so valuable on this topic.
    Dr Rebecca McLaughlin, The Veritas Forum
  • Students, professors and all of us, bombarded by arguments that science and Christianity are incompatible, need help to maintain and defend our faith. I have not seen anything as good as the Test of Faith materials in encouraging and equipping us for this.
    Dr Terry Morrison, Director Emeritus, Faculty Ministry, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA
  • Science and religion are two major streams of Western civilization. They shape the way most people on our planet see the world and each other. Can they work together or must they conflict? If they are compatible, how exactly does that work? Ten significant scientists-and-theologians gather together in this impressive line up to answer this question, and others like it. The book, videos and study guides are immensely helpful in getting any thoughtful reader started in working through these amazing and fascinating questions. They touch on some of the most profound issues facing human beings today. I recommend these materials to anyone — believer or not — interested in the intersection of science and spirituality.
    Dr Alan Padgett, Professor of Systematic Theology, Luther Seminary, USA
  • I think it is excellent and I intend to use it regularly in my own church and apologetic work.
    Revd David Robertson, St Peter's Free Church, Dundee, UK
  • Test of FAITH is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to think through faith in this scientific age.
    Dr Russell Rook, Chapel St and Spring Harvest, UK
  • I think the videos are fantastic: engaging and very well done.
    Dr Richard W. Schaeffer, Messiah College, USA
  • This is the best material I've seen for helping anyone to understand God's world and the gospel in an age of delusion. Connecting with everyone's world, this clear and absolutely fascinating course is so well-designed and easy to run that even a complete arts student would love it! I cannot recommend it highly enough.
    Revd Dominic Smart, Church of Scotland Minister, Aberdeen, UK
  • Stanford science faculty and graduate students took a look at Test of Faith, and immediately formed a study group for summer term. Our first look at it made us think, “This is what we've been looking for!”
    Peter Sommer, InterVarsity Graduate & Faculty Staff, Stanford University, USA
  • Excellent and needed resources for believers. Approach them with an open heart and mind, and you will be rewarded.
    Dr David Vosburg, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Harvey Mudd College, USA