Test of FAITH
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Order Test of FAITH

Order Test of FAITH

Australia / New Zealand

If you are in Oceania, order The Book, the course Leader's Guide and Study Guide from Koorong.


In Brazil, O Teste Da FÉ: Os Cientistas Também Creem is available from Ultimato, and includes both the book in Brazilian Portuguese and the DVD with Portuguese subtitles.


Test of FAITH materials are available for free in Chinese.


The DVD of 'Perspectives' (parts 1 and 3 of the documentary with French dubbing) is available from Presses Biblique Universitaires, with an online group study guide. For details and to order, go to www.perspectives-ledvd.fr.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the Test of FAITH course and DVD (with Dutch subtitles) is available from Forum C.


The book O Teste Da Fé was published in Portugal, and may still be available second hand.


In Spain La FE a Examen is available from The Fliedner Foundation. The book is in Spanish (both print and ebook versions) and the DVD has Spanish dubbing.

United Kingdom

If you are in the UK, order from The Faraday Institute online shop.

United States

In the US, order from Wipf and Stock.


If the resource you would like to order is not available in your region, you can order it directly from The Faraday Institute online shop.